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If you’ve ever attended a sporting event early, you’ve seen a familiar ritual – athletes stretching, jogging and simulating play.

In the world of sports, these activities is called warming up.

Now, athletes warm up for a variety of reasons. For one, doing so loosens the muscles and lessens the chance of injury.

But, warming up goes beyond the physical. By visualizing their forthcoming play or event, athletes ready their mind and body. I’ve known world class sprinters who visualize the entire race. Yep, they see each and every step. They can even simulate their breathing.

As an author you too can warm up and get yourself ready to write.

Here’s how: First, set an objective for your writing. In other words, what is it that you hope to accomplish with your writing today? 

Having a specific objective gives your writing focus. 

Next, visit a genre, niche, or category specific website and read a few articles.

I use the app Flipboard for this purpose.

When you enter Flipboard (the desktop version), you are presented with panes of feeds. In this case, I’m shown various feeds that I selected when I first downloaded the app. It’s free, by the way.



In this case, I decided to use its search function. One of the many benefits of Flipboard is that its search pulls from many sources. This could be Twitter, FaceBook or what have you.

Okay, so, I entered the term “coconut oil”. I was presented with Topics and Magazines.

Magazines are created by individual users. They are a collection of related articles.



Now, when I click on “Benefits of Coconut Oil”, the bottom left Magazine, I am presented with related articles. I’ve highlighted two below.


You see, by reading these articles, I’m essentially warming up. I’m preparing to write.

I review the headlines, which are often great for chapter ideas, and the first sentence. Sometimes, by simply writing the first sentence, a spark happens.


And, it works. Well, at least for me.

But give it a try.

Stretch your mind and your writing.

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